Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Odin's Revenge - Western Nebraska grinder

Well, you're right - Nebraska isn't on the front range, but at under 5 hours western Nebraska is still a hell of a lot closer than most of the Midwest grinder round up.

Odin's Revenge appears to be taking form for late June. According to the on Guitar Ted's blog post the event should be about 180 miles leaving from Gothenburg, NE.  It's new, details are not final, there's no website and there may be limited space, but it could be a good event if it really comes together.

UPDATE - The website for this event is up and running, albeit in early development stages. Check out the photos of the course. This thing looks awesome! If I'm recovered from DK200, and there's room I hope to go.  Looks like a fantastic route in any case.


  1. Hey guys, here's the site for Odin's Revenge. It's not entirely full of every last detail, but it's a start. Look for updates to come as soon as details are sorted out.

  2. Wow! Pictures on the site look stellar! I'd love to do this route; unfortunately I'm not sure if I'll be recovered from the DK200 by then. With the DK200, Gold Belt Century and Odin's Revenge June will be a busy month. :)

  3. Check odinsrevenge.blogspot. More info is up

  4. Hey Capn! Any more info on this? Do you have a route - even a tentative one? Will it run past stores/towns for resupply or do we need to carry supplies for the full 180? Got at an estimate of elevation? How heinous is this thing?