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Route name: Buckhorn/Red Feather Loop
Distance: 143
Elevation: 10,400
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Brief Description: ~ 39mi Paved, ~20mi MUP, ~70mi gravel/B road, ~14mi double track
Trip report: Buckhorn fun fest

Route name: Swiss Psycho
Distance: 100
Elevation: 10k
Location: Near Boulder, CO
Brief Description: ~ 34m rough jeep trail, ~40m gravel, ~24 paved, 3 towns to refuel
Trip report: Swiss Miss-ive, Swiss Recon

Route name: AntiEpic Gravel Grinder
Distance: 161 miles
Elevation: 8960
Location:  Larkspur, CO
Brief Description: 90% gravel, 3 miles of B road, ~15 miles paved; 1 town to refuel at 1/2 way
Trip report: AntiEpic trip report 

Route name: San Ysidro Dirty Century
Distance: 98
Location: San Ysidro, NM
Brief Description: 85% gravel, 15% singletrack (the singletrack is far better with a MTB); no place to refuel without a drop
Trip report: San Ysidro Dirty 104

Route name: Kiowa 808
Distance: 80
Elevation: 4579
Location: Kiowa, CO
Brief Description: 90% gravel 10% paved
Trip report: Kiowa 808

Route name: Pawnee National Grasslands West
Distance: 82.5
Elevation: 2854
Location: Carr, CO
Brief Description: 90% gravel, 8% B road, 2% paved (No place to refuel)

Route name: Creekside Dirty Century (lite)
Distance: 66
Elevation: 4314 ft
Location: Franktown, CO
Brief Description: 85% gravel, 15% paved; option to refuel in Larkspur, CO
Trip report: Creekside Lite

Route name: Poudre & Great Western
Distance: 67.75
Elevation: 900 ft
Location: near Windsor, CO
Brief Description: ~25 mi bike path, ~35 mi gravel, ~5 paved, ~5 soft double track
Trip reportPoudre & Great Western

Route name: Foxton South Platte
Distance: 40
Elevation: 2615
Location: Foxton, CO
Brief Description: ~15 mi easy gravel, 25 mi paved; options to refuel in Buffalo Creek and Deckers
Trip report: Foxton South Platte

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