Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Hello friends.

Some of you knew this was coming; I've hinted at this in other posts. Gravel Quest is being replaced. The thing is, I ride a lot more than gravel. Now that Dirty Kanza is over I'm excited about switching to the 29er again. I've got a summer full of trail plans and I'm already thinking of doing some backpacking somewhere along the way. I met my two goals for this site (share routes to help others and meet people with common love for dirt roads and trails) and I've also come to enjoy the writing process. The common themes here are bikes and endurance and I want something that I won't outgrow anytime soon. Thus I present to you The Endurance Experience. All the content that was here, is now there so nothing is lost. I am still tweaking and revising content, but the heavy lifting is done.

EE on FB
whether you love or hate Facebook, clicking the "like" on the pages of other websites and organizations has become an easy way to follow what's happening. I get snippets of my friends, websites, organizations and businesses all in one place. The Endurance Experience has a Facebook page as well. If you go to The Endurance Experience Facebook page and click like you'll have a way of following what happens. Not tons of postings there, but when I update the EE site I'll put a link on FB. This also means I no longer have to put these links on my own personal FB page.

The fate of the Gravel Quest blog
I debated deleting this or maintaining it for all the gravel things I'll continue to do. In the end I decided that the best thing for me is to have gravel specific sections of the new site. That way it's all in one place. I won't be deleting Gravel Quest anytime soon, but I will stop updating soon. EE will have all the gravel content you love and it will have endurance MTB content, reviews and my random musings on other topics. I've been contacted by some other site owners so you may see your author's writing cross posted other places as well.

Switching Teams - or why WordPress
I want to have a little better site organization so that it's easier to find content. Blogger is a great tool, and very easy to begin, but it doesn't quite give the power to design the site architecture for something more than a traditional blog. A full website will work best, but it's more work and more $. I've moved to WordPress for it's enhanced abilities. With The Endurance Experience domain name secured I'll easily be able to switch to a full website some day if I decide it's really needed. Right now WordPress does everything I need.

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