Monday, June 4, 2012

DK 2012 - By the numbers

Dirty Kanza 2012 is over, and I have my finishers pint glass. It was an interesting topsy turvy experience for many different reasons. I have a lot of mixed feelings so it'll take a few days before I have a full report up here. For now, I'll give you the short version by the numbers:

0 - Number of photos I took
1 - number of things I forgot in the hotel room (the map of Leg 1)
2 - number of times I missed course marking and went off route
2 - number of times I stopped to fix a tire issue
14:22:01 - my official finish time (goal was 15hrs)
18 22* - my place in the men's open (of 159)
40 45* - my place in the overall results (46? registered, 267 finished)
70 - approximate number of miles I rode with Paul Errington of Newcastle, UK

mid-80's - high temps for the day
206.2 - Total miles at the end.

*early results missed some folks, so I bumped down a bit.

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