Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's official!

The Rampart Rumble Gravel Grovel R2G2

Gravel Quest presents the R2G2. The full description has it's own page on this site as well as a description as part of the COES series (R2G2 on COES). If you decide to join, please sign up through the registration on the COES site (keeps it easier for me).

I'll be checking the course conditions through the Spring and Summer so you'll see segment previews here. As things finalize I'll also add course maps.

The route is something I've had in mind since doing the Foxton South Platte route. A tiny part of the G2R2 follows the best of that route. Thanks to the nudge from AntiEpic Ben for making this happen, and for the inspiration to make it a bit longer.

The R2G2 is on September 22nd. It's later than most grinders and it gives you ALL summer to get those legs in shape so there's no excise for not coming along for the ride (unless you're doing some silly 45 minute CX race, psh).

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