Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'm just gonna toss this out there. I'm been listing races and waiting for dates to finalize. There are a ton or rides and races I'd like to do, but nothing was really inspiring in the sort of scary "O crap this is a big deal I better take this seriously" sort of way. Well, This is a big deal, and I do need to get my but in gear to be ready for this one.

The High Cascades 100 was a big deal and seemed like an appropriate way to cap my first calendar year on a bike - 1 year 100 miles. The DK 200 won't come right at the two year mark but it will be the main event this year - everything else is gravy. Now it's time to log the miles, dial in the gear, the nutrition, and make some bribes for a support crew.


  1. Wow, just read the Dirty Kanza FAQs and got butterflies! Maybe I'll join you on this one... did you see they sold out in 48 hrs for 2011, better mark your calendar.

  2. That's great! I'll be sitting by my lappy waiting to register as soon as it opens. I'm certainly hoping to find others on the Front Range who might be gonzo enough to give this a go. It would make training, driving and support a bit easier. I got the impression from chatting with a couple guys at Golden Cyclery that they might be into this.