Friday, December 23, 2011


Finally cracked the 50 mile mark on my midweek ride. I planned the route on bike route toaster and almost 80% was familiar ground. While the roads were in perfect slightly tacky, but fast condition, the few miles of trail  I rode at the beginning were a bad idea. They were a soggy snowy mess. This made for extremely slow going and wasted a lot of power. Once on the roads things improved and flowed along nicely.

The two new segments along this ride (at least they were new to me) included Crane Hollow Drive, and the section from Lagerman Reservoir to Oxford Road. Crane Hollow was easily the highlight of the route. It was exceedingly quiet and serene and filled with beautiful cottonwoods. The second new portion threw me for a minor loop when I encountered road closed signs and a locked gate. I'm not sure why this connector is closed to traffic, but it's open to bikes and foot travel.  Overall this was a good ride. Given the 12 inches of snow that came the night after this ride, I'm not sure when I'll get out again. Fortunately the next few days are sunny and should warm up.


  1. Totally borrowing this route when I'm home in late-Jan (assuming anything is rideable that weekend). Thanks a lot!

    Also, can I ask where you found the Shimano winter shoes? I think we have the same feet...

  2. Hi Noah,
    I got the shoes at Excel Sports here in Boulder. Ironically, for this very bike-centric town they are the only place that stocks winter boots (they also have Sidi but they're $100 more!).
    Good luck with the route. Unless we get another snow that doesn't quickly melt, this route should be fine. These roads dry quick and they're so well packed that they don't get muddy.

  3. Thanks Shane!

    It is kind of strange that only Excel carries winter shoes (especially ones that might fit ridiculous feet like mine). I picked up a great Castelli piece (super-light Gore Windstopper "waterproof" jersey) from them a few months ago that I haven't seen anywhere else - they always have the goods.

    I grew up near Nelson and 63rd (parents still live there), so I'm definitely familiar with the way the roads in the area can dry quick. One of the many advantages to living in Colorado...

    I'm seeing if I can swing the Anti-Epic in April, but if I don't make that then I'm definitely coming for the Dirty Century. Have fun out there!