Sunday, December 11, 2011

Roubaix, roubaix

Wednesdays and weekends are the days when I do long rides. On Wednesdays I tend to stay closer to home since I work in the morning. I planned to head in the direction of Northern Passage and return via the dirt roads West of Longmont - effectively circling the town.

Luckily it warmed up to make for a mid 40s ride. I neglected to fix a flat on the CX rig (intentionally?) so I took Virgil which was shod with the stock Conti Tour-Ride tires. These tires are big, fat, heavy, and don't have a lot of traction (more on them later). Consequently I avoided the snowy beginning of the LoBo trail and caught up with the second half. As expected this was mostly clear with a few snowy/icy patches. The farm roads East and North of Longmont were similarly free of snow. There were a few ice/snow patches but these were brief, as was the mud. I was plenty covered in mud by the end, but fortunately nothing severe came up.

The surprise gem of the route was Vermilion Road. I've been using the maps on my Android phone for navigation on some of these new routes and it's not always easy to tell what's paved. This time I was happily surprised with great gravel.

Later, when I researched some segments of the ride I realized that I touched portions of both the Mead Roubaix and the Boulder Roubaix. Thus the title of this post.

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